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Services provided will offer the framework for the proposed Panoche Valley Solar Farm.

September 1st, 2012, San Diego, Calif. – Vertical Mapping Resources, Inc., a leading photogrammetric and geospatial land information firm with offices in California and Arizona, was recently contracted to provide digital mapping and color orthophotography services to support the design of the proposed Panoche Valley Solar Farm.

California utilities are mandated to get 33% of their energy from renewable sources by 2020.  Panoche Valley Solar Farm is a proposed 399-megawatt utility-scale solar photovoltaic power station in the Panoche Valley of Central California’s San Benito County.  Panoche Valley is crossed by a 230-kilovolt (kV) power line from the Moss Landing Power Plant.  The project site consists of 4,717 acres (1,909 ha) of private land, extending the entire length of the valley from west to east and occupying one third of the valley floor. It is currently used for pasture-based livestock grazing on native grassland habitat.

VMR was tasked with providing 1”=100’ topographic mapping, with 2’ contours, and digital color orthophotography of the entire 4,717 acre site and surrounding area.  The project included acquisition of color aerial photography for the stereoscopic feature collection and surface modeling.  VMR also produced a color orthophoto mosaic of the site with a .5’ pixel resolution.  Project total was approximately $75,000.

About Vertical Mapping Resources, Inc.:

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