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Services provided include topographic mapping and digital orthophotography of approximately 8000 acres in northern Mexico.

Vertical Mapping ResourcesFebruary 15th, 2012, Scottsdale, Ariz. – Vertical Mapping Resources, Inc., a leading photogrammetric and geospatial land information firm with offices located in California and Arizona, recently completed a highly accurate mapping project located in the Velardena Mining District in northern Mexico.  The intention was to develop precision digital topography, planimetrics and orthophotography to assist with the Production Ramp-up project in the region.

The Velardena mining district is located within the municipality of Cuencamé, in the northeast quadrant of the State of Durango, Mexico. The property is situated approximately 95 km southwest of the city of Torreón in the State of Coahuila and 140 km northeast of the city of Durango, capital of the State of Durango.

VMR was contracted to provide 1:500 metric scale topographic mapping and color digital orthophotography of approximately 8000 acres (~12 square miles).  The project included acquisition of color aerial photography for the stereoscopic feature collection and surface modeling.  VMR also produced a color orthophoto mosaic of the site with a .1 meter pixel resolution.

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