In general, digital orthorectification corrects image distortion introduced by camera tilt, terrain relief displacement, film deformities, lens aberrations and atmospheric refraction. Digital orthophotos combine the high visual information of a photograph with the geometric accuracy of a map.

Vertical Mapping Resources employs Z/I Imaging’s OrthoPro software to perform image rectification. OrthoPro is a high-throughput ortho production system that includes project planning, rectification, tonal balancing, mosaicing and quality assessment. Utilizing the sophisticated tools contained within OrthPro, VMR performs contrast stretches, advanced filtering routines, re-sampling and radiometric correction as necessary to provide the highest quality imagery product available.

With the widespread increase in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for land, facilities and resource management, digital orthophotos can be created at an accuracy as such that they can serve as accurate base maps for GIS systems. Since orthophotos are georeferenced, they can also serve as a backdrop to existing vector or cadastral maps, and therefore be valuable for direct interpretation, GIS updating and for digitizing new layers of cadastral information.

Digital Orthophotography Services:

  • Digital Orthorectification
  • Semi-Rectification
  • Mosaics
  • Image Interpretation & Classification
  • Compression (SID & ECW)