Our Mission

Our mission at Vertical Mapping Resources, Inc. is to be the finest resource for geospatial information, mapping solutions and consulting services in the United States. Collectively, we honor the responsibility of maintaining the high standards for data accuracy within our industry, as we help our communities design, develop and prosper. We consistently strive to provide value for our clients, and secure growth for our firm, by offering the highest quality, cost-effective products and client service.

“An Evolution in Land Information”

Our Facilities
At Vertical Mapping Resources, Inc., our equipment is the most advanced in the industry. Our Windows based workstations each boast dual or quad processors, 8.0 to 16.0 GB of RAM and we currently maintain over 20 Terabytes of online hard-disk space.  The fact that all of our digital mapping and orthophoto systems operate on the same platform guarantees a seamless mapping project from scanning, to softcopy aerotriangulation, to compilation, through orthorectification.

Vertical Mapping Resources is committed to maintaining the highest-quality production facilities on behalf of our clients. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of technology allows us to offer cost effective mapping data, with quick project schedules, in virtually any CAD format. We retain current licenses of all major CAD packages, including AutoCAD, Microstation and ArcGIS.

Our Service
Our clients expect, and we deliver, solutions through the most accurate, timely and cost efficient production facility and technical processes available. We constantly monitor and refine our facilities to ensure value for our clients. One of the major benefits of working with VMR is the high level of communication that we offer our clients. Our project managers are in complete control of their projects and have an open level of communication with both the client and VMR production staff. This ensures that problems are avoided and all parties are fully informed on what to expect. VMR’s consulting department conveys the best possible solutions to deliver our clients a product within their expectations and in a cost effective manner. We strive to offer our consulting services on a personal level to our clients with the hopes of developing strong, long-term business relationships.

Client service, innovation, professionalism and integrity are the fundamental values within the core of Vertical Mapping Resources.

Our Standards
At Vertical Mapping Resources, Inc., we implement quality control procedures at every phase of the mapping process from design through completion. This ensures that our digital mapping and orthophotography products exceed the standards set by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS), as well as federal National Map Accuracy Standards (NMAS) and standards set by the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC). In addition, Vertical Mapping Resources maintains a State Licensed Land Surveyor as a member of our executive management staff. VMR’s in-house PLS ensures that our mapping products meet both photogrammetric and geodetic accuracies. This is a key element within our firm and the overall mapping standards that we offer our clients.

As a company, we stand behind our maxim as “An Evolution in Land Information”.

Moving forward, Vertical Mapping Resources will continue to position itself as the premier resource for geospatial information, data solutions and consulting services in the United States. The company expects to grow strategically by capitalizing on new opportunities and strengthening existing client relationships. VMR is committed to advancing the mapping profession through the use of the latest technology and best practices in the industry.

Joseph M. Bartorelli, CP, GISP

Joseph M. Bartorelli, CP, GISP

Co-Founder and President

Joseph Bartorelli co-founded Vertical Mapping Resources and serves as President and Principal-in-Charge.


He is responsible for implementation of the company’s mission statement and vision through overall company management, project management, client relationships and employee development, including communication and collaboration with other principals and project/production managers to establish firm-wide consistency among project teams.  He is also responsible for overall accuracy standards for the firm and ensures that VMR’s production equipment and project procedures remain state of the art. Joseph brings more than 16 years of photogrammetric and geospatial experience to VMR.  He is an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist and GISCI Certified GIS Professional.  Joseph has strong, practical experience and knowledge in digital mapping, remote sensing, ground/airborne based LiDAR and Geographic Information Systems. He has a solid understanding of local and federal government practices, as well as local surveying standards and mapping requirements. As an industry expert, he has published numerous articles in trade publications, including “Double the Power” (Point of Beginning, July 2006), “Auto-Correlation Advancements”(Earth Imaging Journal, Aug. 2004), “Taking Technology to New Heights” (Earth Observation Magazine, Dec. 2003)  and”Photogrammetry 101″ (Point of Beginning, Aug. 2002). Prior to co-founding VMR, Joseph spent seven years working for HJW Geospatial in Newport Beach, Calif., and was later tasked with developing what would eventually become HJW’s Southwest Division, with offices in Southern California and Phoenix, Ariz. Before leaving to form VMR, Joseph had built a flourishing division with solid client relationships and numerous high-profile contracts, including a million dollar city-wide mapping and orthophotography project for the City of Los Angeles. Joseph earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems at the University of Nevada, Reno. He also holds certificates in GIS from the California State University at Long Beach and Management Practice for Engineering Professionals from the University of California, Irvine.  He is a member of the American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing (ASPRS), the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), the Arizona Professional Land Surveyors Association (APLS), the California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA) and the Nevada Association of Land Surveyors (NALS). Outside of work, Joseph has an immense love for the outdoors and enjoys hiking all over the southwestern United States, preferably anywhere in the Sierra Nevada.  When he’s not outside, he loves music, playing with his dog Dex, and is a Discovery Channel addict.
Kurt J. Okraski, CP, GISP

Kurt J. Okraski, CP, GISP

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Kurt Okraski co-founded Vertical Mapping Resources and serves as Chief Executive Officer and Certified Photogrammetrist.


In this role, he manages staff and budgets, oversees proposal development and client relations, and aids in the development of production procedures to ensure the accuracy of VMR’s mapping data. Kurt thrives on the diverse requirements of his position and brings a decade of photogrammetry experience to the team. Prior to co-founding VMR, Kurt gained valuable business experience in other entrepreneurial ventures.  He graduated with a degree in Business Administration in 1995 from the University of Nevada, Reno. Upon graduation he returned to Poughkeepsie, NY, where he started a contracting company based on more than 10 years of working with his father in the industry. After a year and a half of being back on the East Coast, he felt the need to head back out west and bought a coffee shop in Reno.  Kurt truly loved working in the shop and made many friends and business connections in the community.  Kurt took an opportunity to sell the coffee shop in 1998 and joined HJW Geospatial to build and manage an office for the company in Phoenix. In addition to his photogrammetry and entrepreneurial experience, Kurt has gained practical training and experience in surface modeling and 3-D laser scanning. He also recently earned his Private Pilot Certificate.  He is a member of the American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing (ASPRS), the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), the Arizona Professional Land Surveyors Association (APLS), the California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA) and the Nevada Association of Land Surveyors (NALS). Outside of work, Kurt enjoys Airstream “camping” with his family in the mountains, skiing and riding his Harley or his 1981 Yamaha Dirt Bike nicknamed “Blue Death.”
Thomas A. Liuzzo, RLS

Thomas A. Liuzzo, RLS

Photogrammetric Surveyor

Thomas Liuzzo serves as the Photogrammetric Surveyor at Vertical Mapping Resources.


In this role, he provides support and oversight on projects and ensures that photogrammetric standards of practice are met. Thomas also participates in mission planning and develops final client reports that detail the development process of the mapping product. Thomas has two decades of civil engineering and surveying experience to his credit. In 1999, he obtained his license as a Professional Land Surveyor in Arizona. Prior to his involvement with VMR, he managed a department of 20 staff members who performed surveying throughout Arizona.  When VMR was founded in 2001, Joseph Bartorelli and Kurt Okraski built a foundation for Liuzzo’s involvement in the firm as the Photogrammetric Surveyor. Thomas has earned his master’s degree in Engineering Management and his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Old Dominion University. His undergraduate course of study focused on Geomatics and GIS with a minor in Engineering Management.  He also earned an associate’s degree in Engineering from Penn State University. Thomas has a passion for continued education and encourages staff members to pursue higher education as part of their work program. He also believes in contributing to his profession by authoring technical articles for various trade publications. He wrote a series of articles on the “Business of Survey” that appeared in Point of Beginning magazine in 2002. He has also authored “Completing the Loop” (Point of Beginning, March 2000), “Caice Software Review,” (Point of Beginning, Sept. 2000), “City of Prescott Survey,” (Point of Beginning, Oct. 1999 and Public Works Magazine, March 2000). He is a member of the Arizona Professional Land Surveyors and serves as vice chairman of the board of directors. Outside of work, Thomas is an avid NASCAR fan and, when he has the opportunity, he participates in driving schools. He is also a published author with a book called “One Last Cigarette – Memoirs of a 5-pack a Day Smoker” under his belt.