3-D Laser Scanning & Modeling

Vertical Mapping Resources provides three-dimensional laser modeling with our Leica HDS3000. 3D Laser Scanning allows for a quick and accurate method of digital feature collection. It is similar to Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) in that it can collect thousands of digital data points per second. However, unlike LiDAR’s aerial method of data collection, an HDS collects its digital point matrices from the ground. The high density of the data points provide for three-dimensional visualization and allow for compatibility with many other value-added mapping tasks.

By utilizing a 3D laser scanner, not only can VMR collect and deliver accurate detailed information on a stand-alone basis, but also it allows the company the flexibility to incorporate three-dimensional data sets of large structures such as buildings and bridges into surface models, orthophotography and planimetric maps. Furthermore, the versatility of the technology allows VMR to customize the application on an individual client basis depending on need. Applications for the HDS include road alignments, volume calculations, three-dimensional GIS planimetrics, and supplemental use in select topographic mapping and digital terrain modeling deliverables. With this technology, VMR can provide architects and engineers immediate measurements, cross-sectional points and lines, 2D maps and drawings, and 3D models of complex surfaces and above-ground structures nearly instantaneously.


3D Laser Scanning Services:

  • Archaeological Monitoring
  • Structure Movement Monitoring
  • 3-D Buildings
  • Road Alignments
  • Volume Calculations
  • Three-Dimensional Planimetrics
  • Supplemental Topography & Digital Terrain Models